cody & friends


Cody, Charrot, and Chumpin are creatures from Sanusland, where there are abundance of fresh vetetables everywhere. They got lost and arrived in Bangkok, realizing that lots of people are living unhealthy lifestyles. Together, they are on a mission to help Bangkokians become healthier with good food and regular exercises.



the coder

Cody is an intelligent and friendly rabbit . His special talent is creating magic codes that turn normal food into super delicious and nutritious meals. When he has free time from his busy work as a developer, he loves to exercise and stretch his bunny muscles.



the opportunist

Cody’s best friend, Charrot is a male chicken that disguises himself as a carrot with the hope of eating Cody’s most delicious invention: the magic carrot. He does help Cody with his work sometimes.


Charrot’s wingman

Chumpin (Chicken + Pumpkin) follows Charrot’s around hoping to eat Cody’s invention: the Sweet pumpkin. Similar to Charrot, Chumpin disguises himself as pumpkin, but he never once was able to eat Cody’s pumpkin because of his lack of energy.